Kate Jackson Learning was set up in 2020 to enable me to develop my career as an Outdoor Learning and Maths Mastery Specialist, because…

If the career path you want doesn’t exist, create it!

In 2019, I was able to visit Singapore as part of a small delegation of four Maths Leaders with ASSET Education. At the CHIJ (Katong) Primary school, we were warmly greeted by our counterparts, and began to learn from each other. One of the life changing takeaways for me was experiencing a different education system with two distinct career development paths, either as school managers (people/business management) or as senior teachers/heads of subjects (pedagogy/mentoring). 40% non-contact time allowed for extensive development of subject knowledge and group study of educational research, both past and present.

Reflecting on this experience, I recognised that my interest has always been in improving both my own teaching knowledge and skills, whilst supporting and collaborating with other teachers. It is why I have a wide variety of specialisms and qualifications in teaching, behavioural science and outdoor learning, from being a BHS riding instructor and equine clicker training to a Forest School leader, TAGteacher and classroom teacher. I have created Kate Jackson Learning to enable me to continue to dedicate myself to learning alongside teaching part-time in mainstream UK education.