Wild Maths Outreach

Most schools have exciting visits linked to authors, science, history… but when did you have your last amazing Maths enrichment day? When I began to offer outdoor maths CPD provision to schools, I realised that the key to empowering teachers was for them to witness their children learning Maths outdoors… and LOVING it!

Outdoor Maths Mastery visits give children an enriching, exciting Maths experience and nature connection, with all of the associated mental and emotional health benefits. These visits can be themed around a particular area of Maths, such as fractions, showing how outdoor learning can raise motivation and develop conceptual understanding outside the traditional classroom environment. By taking part alongside their pupils, teachers gain first hand experience of an outdoor maths mastery approach.

Risk assessment and other relevant documents will be sent in advance.

Full day visit in Norfolk or Suffolk £395 (includes travel)

Morning visit in Norfolk of Suffolk £275 (includes travel)

Visits are available further afield, please contact me for a quote.

When I learn outside, I feel braver.

P, age 8